Fruit and Veg

$0.94 each (approx.) $5.23 per kg
Cucumber Lebanese
In Season
$0.82 each (approx.) $6.28 per kg
Strawberries Large Punnet 250g
In Season
$8.38 each
In Season
$1.76 each (approx.) $6.28 per kg
In Season
$0.56 each (approx.) $3.13 per kg
Capsicum Red
In Season
$2.36 each (approx.) $9.43 per kg
Lemons Large
$0.73 each (approx.) $4.18 per kg
Avocado Organic
$4.18 each
Zucchini Green Medium
$0.94 each (approx.) $6.28 per kg
Apples Pink Lady Small Kg
$0.82 each (approx.) $6.28 per kg
$0.82 each
Avocado Shepard Large
$2.61 each
Mushroom Cup (​250g Bag)
$3.30 per bag
Beans Green 250g
In Season
$3.93 each (approx.) $15.73 per kg
Onions Brown
$0.55 each (approx.) $3.66 per kg
Onions Spring Bunch
$2.08 each
Onions Red Spanish
$1.05 each (approx.) $5.23 per kg
Baby Spinach Pre pack 100gm
$3.13 each
Grapes Green Australian
In Season
$10.48 per kg
Pears Packham Large
$1.20 each (approx.) $5.23 per kg
Tomatoes Small
In Season
$1.17 each (approx.) $8.38 per kg
Rocket Pre pack (​100gm)
$3.13 each
Lettuce Iceberg
$4.18 each
Watermelon Cut
In Season
$3.66 per kg
$2.93 each (approx.) $10.48 per kg
Basil Green
$4.18 each
Ginger (​Fresh)
$1.57 each (approx.) $26.23 per kg
Celery Half
$2.61 each
Apples Pink Lady Large
In Season
$1.51 each (approx.) $9.43 per kg
Brussel Sprouts (​Loose)
In Season
$0.34 each (approx.) $13.63 per kg
Potatoes Sweet
$5.23 per kg
Blueberries Organic Punnet 125g
$7.33 each
Asparagus Green - Australian
$1.56 each
$3.13 each
Kiwifruit Green
In Season
$14.68 per kg
Tomatoes Cherry punnet
In Season
$4.71 each
Bananas Organic
$6.28 per kg
Capsicum Green Large
In Season
$2.10 each (approx.) $8.38 per kg
Celery Whole
$4.18 each
Free Milk!
Singles Box
$36.75 each
Avocado Hass Large
$3.66 each
Potatoes Desiree
$0.61 each (approx.) $4.18 per kg
Tomatoes Medley 400g
$8.38 each
Apples Granny Smith Large
$0.63 each (approx.) $4.18 per kg
Capsicum Yellow
In Season
$2.83 each (approx.) $15.73 per kg
Free Milk!
Family Box
$73.50 each
Garlic Imported
$18.88 per kg
$2.61 each
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