Fruit and Veg

$0.84 each (approx.) $4.71 per kg
Cucumber Lebanese
In Season
$0.81 each (approx.) $6.28 per kg
Strawberries Large Punnet 250g
In Season
$5.76 each
In Season
$2.34 each (approx.) $8.38 per kg
Capsicum Red
In Season
$2.62 each (approx.) $10.48 per kg
Avocado Organic
$3.66 each
Zucchini Green Medium
$1.09 each (approx.) $7.33 per kg
In Season
$0.56 each (approx.) $3.13 per kg
Apples Pink Lady Small Kg
$0.81 each (approx.) $6.28 per kg
Lemons Large
$1.28 each (approx.) $7.33 per kg
Mushroom Cup (​250g Bag)
$3.30 per bag
Avocado Shepard Large
$3.13 each
Beans Green 250g
In Season
$3.40 each (approx.) $13.63 per kg
Onions Brown
$0.54 each (approx.) $3.66 per kg
$0.82 each
Onions Spring Bunch
$2.08 each
Onions Red Spanish
$1.04 each (approx.) $5.23 per kg
Tomatoes Small
In Season
$0.87 each (approx.) $6.28 per kg
Baby Spinach Pre pack 100gm
$3.13 each
Pears Packham Large
$1.20 each (approx.) $5.23 per kg
Watermelon Cut
In Season
$3.13 per kg
Ginger (​Fresh)
$1.57 each (approx.) $26.23 per kg
Rocket Pre pack (​100gm)
$3.13 each
Grapes Green Australian
In Season
$8.38 per kg
Raspberries Punnet
$6.28 each
$3.13 each
$2.34 each (approx.) $8.38 per kg
Potatoes Sweet
$5.23 per kg
Celery Half
$2.61 each
Carrots Bagged 1kg
$2.61 each
Brussel Sprouts (​Loose)
In Season
$0.39 each (approx.) $15.73 per kg
Lettuce Iceberg
$3.13 each
Bananas Organic
$4.18 per kg
Basil Green
$4.18 each
Broccolini Bunch
$4.18 each
In Season
$2.08 each
Tomatoes Petite 200g
$4.71 each
Apples Granny Smith Small
$0.45 each (approx.) $4.18 per kg
Tomatoes Roma
In Season
$0.80 each (approx.) $7.33 per kg
Kiwifruit Green
In Season
$15.73 per kg
Apples Pink Lady Large
In Season
$1.50 each (approx.) $9.43 per kg
Potatoes Desiree
$0.60 each (approx.) $4.18 per kg
Tomatoes Cherry punnet
In Season
$3.66 each
Asparagus Green - Australian
$1.56 each
Capsicum Green Large
In Season
$1.83 each (approx.) $7.33 per kg
Garlic Organic
$3.41 each (approx.) $52.48 per kg
Parsley Continental
$3.13 each
Free Milk!
Singles Box
$36.75 each
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Hello Seddon Online,

We are in the process of moving our Seddon and surrounds deliveries over to our Ascot Vale store.

This means if you wish to place an order for Delivery you will need to place it through our Ascot Vale store.

If you go to the bottom of the page you should see a link to "change stores". If you log in with the same account details you are using at the Seddon store your details will move accross and you will be able to place your orders.

Please give us a call on 0497 772 533 if you have any trouble with this.
Please note Seddon instore pickups will not be impacted.